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Salon Treuvís, in Clinton Twp Michigan, is a part of the new salon culture. We offer private, individual salon suites to cosmetologist professionals looking to run their own businesses and work on their own terms.

Salon Treuvís is not for the meek, timid or uninspired. Our salon studio suites were designed with someone else in mind — You. Our suites were established as an outlet for salon professionals who own, run and represent their own salon business. Salon Treuvís is meant for the ambitious, the daring and the bold. Our belief is that life is about passion. Salon Treuvís will help you live your dream of owning your own personal salon.

As a collection of fully equipped salon studio suites, Salon Treuvís delivers the ultimate salon experience for both our suite professionals and their clients. This unique culture gives professionals the power to grow their salon business without the risk, hassle or out of pocket expense of opening their own traditional hair salon.

Owning your personal salon suite within Salon Treuvís provides you creative control, setting your own hours and allowing you to give your clientele 100% of your attention without restraints. We manage the facility and grounds, you enjoy and run your salon business, your way — exactly how you envisioned.

Salon Treuvís is all about you and your "true vision" of becoming an independent salon owner. 


Your Success!

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